Created Sep 05, 2008


Moderate, Independent. Ready for a new political party more

Born and raised in Illinois, near St. Louis, Missouri, where I now live after completing a career in the US Navy. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Management and a Master's degree in Business Administration. My career in the Navy was spent primarily in Jacksonville, Florida, with a tour in Memphis, Tennessee, and concluded with eight years in Central California. While in the Navy, I completed three trips around the world, visiting over twenty countries on five continents, on both sides of the equator. During my travels, I have come to realize that people throughout the world are generally the same and have the same concerns, and we should not judge a people based on the governments that rule their nations.

I consider myself a moderate and independent. I am moderate on social issues and lean conservative on fiscal issues. I believe there needs to be a political party that represents the majority of Americans, who I believe are basically moderate and lean either liberal or conservative. Unfortunately, the Democrats are run by the 10-15% most liberal and the Republicans are run by the 10-15% most conservative, and that leaves most of us, the 70-80% basically moderate, to choose who is the more moderate candidate. Another unfortunate circumstance is that the most vocal individuals/groups tend to be the most extreme (liberal & conservative) and divisive voices. My hope is that a moderate political party will emerge that will truly represent the common American.